About RavenShare

What is RavenShare?

RavenShare is a where you and your friends share and chat about what you care about right now. As a friend-sourced platform, you get the best of the web (from videos, images, to news articles) all in one place, while having meaningful conversations with the people you actually want to discuss things with. Like crowd-sourced minus the crowd, you and your friends curate the most meaningful, funny or inspiring content and talk about it together. All you have to do is start browsing.

How does it work?

Start browsing! Find a category you're interested in or check out our Suggested Collections to see what's popular right now on RavenShare! You can comment on and like public collections (more on that later) without registering, and even share what you find with your friends. But the best part is, if you register on RavenShare our super fancy algorithms will surface new collections based on your interests and browsing habits, so you can always find fun new content to chat with your friends about.

Do I need to create an account?

Unlike other sites, we let you comment, like, and share without going through a registration process- we even give you funny guest ids like Springy Tiger to use during your browsing session.

So why should I register?

For all the good stuff that comes with registration! You'll get a dedicated profile, see all your collections that you've created and interacted with in your profile, be able to follow friends, and you'll get notified when users comment on your collections. The best part is once you start following users, you'll see a customized feed in the home tab, and get a weekly digest of everything that's going on on the site. Our super cool algorithms will even start to surface new collections for you based on your interest. Right now RavenShare supports Facebook and email sign ups. Just click the Sign Up button to get started!

What are topics and collections?

A topic is what you put in your collection. It's the stuff you want to share with your friends like articles, images or videos. Whether it be politics, sports, recipes or movies, this is the starting point for your collection. You can always add topics to existing public or private collections you're part of (more on this later).

So a collection is just a bunch of topics?

Yep! It's just another way to organize what's on your mind! Think of it as a playlist or an album. You can share out the entire collection in one click to your friends on Facebook, email and text so they can join in and add and discuss things too!

What's the deal with private and public collections?

Well, unlike those other social media sites, we want you to have control of who and what you share with your friends or the world! Collections are an easy way to organize the articles, images, videos, etc. that you want to share, all in one place. Private collections are only seen by the people you choose to share with. It's great for having conversations with just your friends. Public collections are seen by everyone on RavenShare. This is great if you're a content creator, publisher, or just want to create something to share with the world.

Ok, but what can I add?

Anything really! As friend-sourced platform, RavenShare is your sandbox. Plan your dinner party, post those pictures of your guinea pig that you love so much, or even talk about politics all within the safety of your friend groups. This site currently supports Youtube videos, most urls, and photo uploads.

Cool. How do I get started?

We've made it really easy for you to create your own collections. Click the little pencil icon in the top left hand corner to get started and follow the step by step instructions. When you're all set, share your collection with your friends so they can join the conversation.